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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Martha, Martha,
the one who raises the winds,
the one that Demons lust over. 
The one that pours then serves
the wine over the deceased, 
The one that pulls the teaths of the hangedman. 
The one that digs up the bones
of those that are buried. 
The one who sits
with Mistress Maria de Padilla to converse. 
The one that bore nine children,
and nine she buried. 
As this is the truth I ask you to enter
into the heart of ___________,
and from him remove three drops of blood. 
Where ever he may be I ask
that you bring him to me. 
Bring him walking, running but is a haist,
bind and tame him and place love
only for me within his heart. 
May he love me and in his
every thoughts may I be pressent. 
May he not forget me,
night nor day,
and where ever he may be,
may he only think of me,
and with no other woman
whatsoever may he find peace and comfort. 
May he not rest, nor work, walk,
nor run with his mind on any other woman but me. 
This I humbly ask you
Santa Marta la Dominadora.


Anonymous said...

i love this prayer and will use it everyday, thank you st martha

Leila said...

Thank you st Martha you are truly amazing

Leila said...

Than you saint Martha dominadora you are amazing

A lost wife said...

Thank you Saint Martha the Dominator. I am truly glad I found you.

Unknown said...

There is none like you my blessed Queen Mami Wata. Thank you for open road & victories over my enemies! Ase Ayibobo👑❤️🗝️🐍🔥⚖️

broken hearted said...

I found this prayer today and have been repeatedly saying it and feel a little better of my current situation

Unknown said...

Has this prayer worked for any one?

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